What is Platinum Open Access?

UMSHA Press supports platinum open access as a publishing model. platinum open access means permanent and free access to published scientific works for readers and no publication fees for the authors – it is 100% free. All articles are published under the most flexible reuse standard – the CC BY  license.

Authors are not charged article processing fees or publication fees – no fees whatsoever. Importantly, authors retain copyright of their work and allow it to be shared and reused, provided that it is correctly cited.
Readers anywhere in the world may download, share or use the work, free of charge.

Manuscripts submitted for publication in a platinum open access journals are subject to the same rigorous peer-review and quality control as in scholarly subscription journals.

Who funds this?
All publication costs for articles in the UMSHA Press Journals are completely funded by the Hamadan University of Medical Sciences (UMSHA) in Iran. The UMSHA supports the advancement of scientific communication and information exchange, driven by the belief that scientific knowledge is a social good and should be available to everyone without barriers.

Copyright  Statement

All articles in the journal are published Open Access under a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY-4.0). This allows authors to retain copyright of their work whilst others can share, use and build upon this work created as long as appropriate attribution is given. 

Self-Archive Policy

Authors of articles published in UMSHA Press journals are permitted to self-archive the preprint version of the article at any time, and may self-archive the postprint and published version without embargo. Articles may be placed on:

- The author's personal website

- The author's company/institutional repository or archive

- Non-for-profit subject-based preprint servers or repositories (preprints)

- Non-for-profit subject-based repositories such as PubMed Central (postprints) and Research Gate

- Other suitable non-for-profit sites


Preprint Version

 A preprint is the version of an article before peer-review. Authors are not requested to remove a preprint from a non-for-profit preprint server before submission. Upon acceptance, we recommend including an acknowledgement of acceptance on the first page, as follows:

 This is the pre-peer-reviewed version of the article which has been subsequently peer-reviewed and accepted for publication in [JOURNAL TITLE].

 Postprint Version

A postprint is the version of an article that has been peer-reviewed, revised, and accepted for publication, but prior to the final publication version which often includes copyediting, typesetting, and so forth. The following notice should be included on the first page:

"This is the peer-reviewed and pre-copyedited version of the article which has been accepted for publication in [JOURNAL TITLE].

After publication, the author may include the sentence:

 This is the peer-reviewed and pre-copyedited version of the following article, which has been published online at [Link to final article using the DOI]: [FULL CITE]


Published Version

A published version is the article in formal format that is published online by the publisher. The version self-archived should include the full citation of the article on the first page.



The journal does not accept direct advertising 

Direct Marketing

On occasion the journal will use direct marketing activities (primarily email campaigns) to raise awareness of the journal and to invite authors to submit articles. Marketing activities are conducted by the Hamadan University of Medical Sciences.